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Thanks for dropping by The Camp of Champions. I think you will like what you find as you dig deeper into our site. Every summer we try and progress what a summer mountain bike camp should be. This summer won't be any different; there will be all kinds of new stuff to make you stoked. The progression never stops.

Everyone here works really hard to make the Camp of Champions into the best summer camp ever. All year, all we think about is how to make camp better for the next summer, and how we can make camp more fun. This fanatical dedication means that we've been blowing campers minds for what will be 25 years this summer. We wrote the book, drew up the blueprints and showed everyone how fun and amazing a camp filled with progression and fun a camp in Whistler can be.

Check out our site, check out the competitions sites and compare. We think you'll find that we are best in the world. The most riding of any camp, the best coach to camper ratio, coaches that are here for you and yet they also happen to be the best up and coming pros that are hungry to share their knowledge with you as well as top Crankworx competitors that will also share with you some of the secrets of riding a bike that can change your life. 



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See you this summer!

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Camp Founder/Owner/Director

Member of The Snowboarding Hall of Fame


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